Guttering Repairs


Gutter Repairs, Soffits, Fascia and Downpipes

Guttering Repairs KildareIf you need gutter repairs Kildare, give our team a call today. Over 20 years experience repairing all types and styles of gutters, soffit and fascia. Quality guttering service carried out fast and professionally at an affordable cost. Replacing old damaged guttering, soffits and fascias. Multiple colours available if you are thinking of replacing your old gutters, fascia and soffits.

If you have leaking gutters, the brackets supporting the gutters, soffits or fascia are loose or you have damaged your gutters, give Top Choice a call today in Kildare. We can assess your guttering and carry out a repair or replacement fast and efficiently for you.

We provide package deals on installing a complete gutter, soffit and fascia system that will beat any other guttering contractor in Kildare!

All our gutter repairs, fascia and soffit installations are covered by our 10 year written guarantee. As a reliable guttering contractors in Kildare, we only carry out quality gutter repairs and installations. We use high quality uPVC guttering, soffits and fascia systems to ensure a long term and durable gutter repairs or installation.



All our guttering work is done under strict industry standards to ensure a high quality finish. We can make your guttering, soffits stand out or blend in with your existing house depending on the style of guttering you choose to install.Guttering options Kildare

Our team has installed hundreds of gutters throughout Co. Kildare providing value each and every time. Make sure to carry out a yearly maintenance check on your guttering as it can easily become blocked up. A blocked up gutter system will weight down the guttering and lead to it becoming loose or even falling down.

Make sure to inspect the backboards to ensure that the gutter brackets and clasps are firmly attached. If in doubt, give Top Choice a call. We can provide you with a maintenance check to ensure your gutters, soffits and fascias are firmly fixed in place.


Experts at carrying out guttering repairs in Kildare. Large and small gutter repairs. Guttering repaired, replaced or a new guttering installation carried out an affordable price in Kildare.

Unbeatable workmanship and value. Call your local gutter repair tradesmen for a FREE NO OBLIGATION VISIT. All our guttering installations and repairs are covered by our guarantee.

Our team are skilled craftsmen who understand the nuances of the different styles of metal guttering, PVC guttering and standard gutters they work with – and equally importantly appreciate the time and effort that goes into ensuring a quality guttering installation is carried out.


We use only industry approved materials to repair your gutters in Kildare or when installing new gutters in Kildare. Our team is equipped with modern tools and certified to carry out a quality guttering service in Kildare. If you would like to know more about guttering, soffits or fascia or would like to know more, give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

If you would like a free assessment of your guttering, require a new guttering installation, replacing your old gutters or would like a leak fixed or a gutter repair carried out to your home, call our team today in Co. Kildare.